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What is the difference between a Master and a Template?

  • A master is a basic page layout that includes elements you would like to have appear on multiple pages. Creating a master saves you the bother of setting up a basic layout on several different page. Multiple masters can be created within a single template.
  • A template includes masters, but it also has more. With InDesign you can also create custom text and paragraph styles and custom swatches of color. A template is a larger file that includes masters, styles, and all sorts of other customizable options specified within InDesign. By creating a template you create basic masters for your pages and basic styles for sections such as titles, body text and captions.
  • When creating a template make sure you select Template as your file type when you go to Save As. The difference between a template file and a publication file is that when you open a template file (and this is very spiffy indeed) it automatically creates a new document rather than opening the original template. This makes it impossible to accidentally save over your template after you have made changes specific to a publication. If you open a template and accidentally press Save, InDesign will just ask you where you want to save the file; you have to specifically choose your original template if you want to save changes to it.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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