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How do I import text into my page from another program?

  • For most publications you will have all of your text already written in another program, such as Microsoft word. For example you might have newspaper articles already stored in a folder on the network or for a literary magazine the editors may have given you a CD with all of the pieces needed to be put into the magazine.
  • You can get this text into your page in one of two ways:
    • Go into whatever program you want to import the text from, select all of the necessary text, copy it, go back to InDesign and paste it. The new text will pop up in its own text box. You can use the handles on the edges of the text box to drag it into the proper position, using the blue guides.
    • In InDesign go to File, then Place. Choose the document that has text you would like to import (if it doesn’t appear it may not be supported, use the above method to transfer the text) and say OK. The text will be imported in a text box. Click on the red plus button at the bottom of the page in order to paste the text that did not fit on the first page.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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