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How do I create lines and change their style and color?

  • Lines are a great way of separating sections in a magazine or newspaper. Creating lines is easy; just go to the tool palette and select the line tool; it’s under the text tool. Click on the tool then click and drag in your document to make a line. You can use guides to line it up neatly under a column of text.
  • To change the width of the line right-click on the line and go to Stroke Weight.
  • To change the color and style of the line, go to Window then Color. The color palette should pop up. I find it easiest to work with the RGB color system (used a lot in computer graphics vs. CMYK which is used a lot in the publication world.) To get into RGB, just go to the color palette, click on the little arrow in the circular button at the top left side of the palette, and choose RGB from the drop down menu.
  • You should now see various colors in a bar on the color palette. Just move your mouse over the color you want and click once; the color will be selected and applied to your line.
  • To play with all sorts of other options you can apply to your line, go to Window and choose Stroke. You’ll get a palette that lets you modify your line, including its style, so you can make dotted lines, dashed lines, whatever your project calls for.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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