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How can I create colored boxes and other shapes to put in the background?

  • We learned earlier how to make lines and apply colors and weights to them. We can also make shapes, such as boxes, and circles.
  • To do this look at the toolbar and choose the shape tool; its right below the line tool near the top right hand side of the toolbar. If you click and hold on the button for the shape tool you’ll get some more options, one of which is the polygon tool, which lets you create x-sided shapes.
  • Once the button is selected go into your main document and click and drag to make a shape of the appropriate size. You can hold down shift to maintain proportions.
  • Now go to Window / Color to see the color palette. Double click on the main color box to open up the colors, and use the eyedropper to pick the color you want. You can adjust the tone and the darkness of the color with the drag bars underneath. You can continue to change the color of the item, as long as it is selected.

Note: you can change the color of a shape even if it is in a group with images. The images will not be effected.

  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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