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How do I make guides to and force text to snap to them?

  • Making guides is easy and very important. A guide is simply a faint blue line that runs either parallel or perpendicular to the page. When creating objects (such as a text box) the object boundaries will automatically snap to the guide.
  • To make a guide simply select the dark arrow tool at the top left-hand side of the tools palette. Now make sure rulers are turned on (these are white bands along the top and left side of your window that have measurement marks on them. You can turn them on by going to View, Show Rulers).
  • With the black arrow tool selected, click on any of the rulers and drag outwards towards your page. A blue guide line should appear and you should be able to drag it to where you want it and drop it there. You can drag and drop it as much as you want, and now your objects will snap to your new line!
  • If you have a lot of guides and the constant snapping as you move objects around is getting annoying, you can also disable the snap function by going to View, Grids and Guides, and clicking on Snap to Guide.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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