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How can I use Templates and Masters to do a collaborative project where multiple people may be working on the same publication?

  • Having multiple people working on a single publication can be quite challenging to organize. You usually produce a single template that includes the appropriate masters and styles and start working from there. There are two ways to proceed:
  • Option 1 – Create multiple documents then merge them.
    • To create new pages for a publication, you can open up the publication template, create the pages you need to work on, then save the entire document to a working folder labeling each document with the pages it contains. Each person does this on their own time and in the end you have a folder with several different files in it, each with its own pages. These pages can be compiled into one publication.
    • The down-side to this option is that once people start working on their own files changes can no longer be made to the original template until the very end of the process. If any changes to style must be made, each person must do the change manually on their document or changes can be made to the final publication document.
  • Create a single publication document and work off it one at a time.
    • Another option is to have everybody work off the same file. The editor opens up the template and saves it as a new publication. He / she then creates as many pages as are needed in the publication and one person at a time opens up the file, navigates to the pages they are responsible for, and starts adding material.
    • This is convenient because it keeps all material in one location and changes that need to be made to the master will affect the entire publication.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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