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If multiple people are working on project and each of them saves their own page as a separate document, how do they stick it all together?

One way of having multiple people make a publication is as follows:

  • The layout team designs a template that sets the following items:
    • Masters (can be multiple masters)
      • Margin sizes
      • # of columns
      • Page numbers
      • Any lines or images that must appear on every page.
    • Creates the basic set of 4 pages and applies the appropriate masters to them.
    • Sets up all necessary text styles.
    • Sets up a palette of all necessary colors and labels them appropriately.
  • Once the template is finalized, each member of the main group opens the template. They save their document as their own page (ex: page1.indd), ignoring the auto page numbering at the bottom.
  • Ideally the person creates their page using all the specifications of the already set up template (ie. They don’t change the masters and they don’t create new text styles or colors. They should use the styles and colors already there, just clicking on the one they need. But if they do any of their changes will not carry over to the final document. Any new styles they create will be recreated in the final document.)
  • If the person has multiple pages, they can create them all in one document by creating new pages and then just saving their document as “pages 12-26.indd”, for example.
  • When they are done and have saved and finalized their document, they submit it to the layout team.
  • The layout team collects all of the final documents. They open up the template and save it as their final publication (ex: Final Magazine.innd). They create as many pages as are needed for the final publication and make sure that all the right masters are applied.
  • Now they open up each student’s final document in succession and copy and past everything on the page into its final position in the publication. They just need to make sure they select everything on the page (cntrl+A, apple+A for Mac) and then paste it and line it all up with a corner of the document.
  • This can be tedious but it allows them to have a final say in layout decisions and they can then modify the masters at the last moment and have all of their changes applied to the final document.
  • The last step is just to have the layout team finalize the publication and get it looking the way they want the printed copy to look. They then submit it to the printers.
  • schnurs, 29 April 2005

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