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How do I type a macron (straight line over) a letter in OS 10.3?

Macintosh OS 10.3 comes with a new English keyboard that allows for easy input of many more accented characters. It's called the US Extended keyboard, and is activated by going to your System Preferences > International > Input Menu. It's usually towards the bottom of a very long list of input methods.

Windows users should see my FAQ about the International keyboard.

Check the box next to US Extended and you'll notice that a new icon appears immediately to the left of your clock in the upper right. This is your keyboard menu and defaults the standard US keyboard, whose icon is the American flag. Click on this icon to see the black icon for the US Extended keyboard.

Open a program and then change your keyboard to US Extended. You can type English as usual, but you also have easy access to a large number of additional diacritics. The list below shows how to type each of these diacritic combonations.

option + a, letter = macron
option + n, letter = tilde
option + e, letter = acute accent
option + `, letter = grave accent
option + x, letter = dot below letter
option + w, letter = dot above letter

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  • cborn, 28 August 2004
  • Keywords: macron, accents

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