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Why do student recordings appear in from one lesson item to another?

If you have copied and then pasted lesson items in your planner, they are originally considered to be one and the same. Only after you change something in each item does the system treat them as separate items.

Here is information I found on the CAN8 Discussion board:

<>It would seem that the three A items that were in the Planner were in fact three copies of the same A item (can you confirm that part?). In that case, they are considered by the system as one only, untill you do a change, any change, to the Recorder of each copy. Only then will they be considered as three different items. When you entered the Recorder and changed the font size, that was enough change to actually make the difference, which is why it now lets you record in each item. (An additionnal space , a period, any change you can think of in each item's Recorder will suffice).

You may verify this by copying an A item several time in any Planner, make a recording in one of these A items from the student screen, then go to the Tracker and check. Your answer will show in every cell.

  • 24 September 2004

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