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How can I get a report of my students' progress in CAN8?

CAN8 includes a minimal reporting feature that will gather data about the time your students are spending in CAN8. These reports can then be saved as text files, which can in turn be opened and printed by Word.

From the Instructor Menu, click once on Reports and then click once on the report you want to see. Below are brief descriptions of the information contained within each report.

Detailed Student Progress Report

  • Date of each time the student logged into CAN8 (each session)
  • Login and Logout times of each session
  • Time spent on each lesson or menu item
  • Total time spent per session
  • Each session will be listed individually for each student

Hint: It seems to be easier to view the detailed reports by individual student. The combination of all students in the detailed report is a little difficult to read and very long.

Summary Student Progress Report

  • Last login date for each student
  • Total time spent in CAN8 for each student
  • Total time spent for entire class

Getting Reports

After you click on the report you want, the following window appears.

CAN8 Reports Screen

You must enter the date in the YYYYMMDD format without slashes or other punctuation. Choose to view a report of All students, a particular user or a particular class. Click OK and the report will display in a window in the lower right of your screen. To save the report, click the File menu within that window and choose to Save as.

Printing Reports

You can't print reports directly from CAN8. But you can save them as text files and then open and print them in Word. In Word, the Summary report prints very nicely. The Detailed report seems to work best with landscape orientation and .5" side margins.

  • cborn, 19 October 2004

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