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How do I archive my students'work in CAN8?

Our version of CAN8 allows instructors to export student recordings to individual WAV format sound files. This is a great way to archive your students' work for either your own use or for their language learning portfolio's.

Where do I find this feature?

  1. From the Tracker screen, go the File menu and choose Export.
  2. From here you can choose to export the one recording you have selected, export all recordings for that one student, or export all recordings for all students listed.
  3. You will be asked to name and save the exported files. The default save location is inside the CAN8 folder on the C drive, but you can change that if you like.

  4. You must export each CAN8 lesson separately.
Exporting recordings from the Tracker in CAN8.

What do I get once they are exported?

  • There is a separate files for every recording.
  • Once saved, each student has a folder containing all of their recordings.
  • If only exporting one students' recordings, the folder will include their CAN8 username.
  • When exporting all recordings in a particular lesson, the folders are assigned random names. The export also includes an index.txt file that tells you which student was assigned which number.

What do I do with these once I have them?

The best route is to archive the files to a CD or DVD- ROM. Since the files can be very large, it is not recommended that you keep the files on a server or on your computer. Ask your Academic Computing Coordinator if you need help burning CDs.

  • 16 November 2004

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