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Can I broadcast a message to my class at the same time?

Yes! Thanks to the new network topology, you can broadcast live messages to your students while in class with them. There are certain limitations, however:

  • Each classroom (241 & 243) are their own mini networks, you must broadcast from the same room for your students to hear you.
  • You cannot broadcast from either your office or another lab to students in another locaiton.
  • Anyone logged into CAN8 in the same room as you (even students of other languages) will hear and be interrupted by your broadcast.
  • Broadcasts from a faculty office or development room will be heard by anyone logged into CAN8 in all other faculty offices.

To Broadcast, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Tracker of any lesson
  2. From the Phone menu, choose Broadcast
  3. The NetPhone box will appear and you can begin speaking

Note: Broadcasting will interrupt the students no matter what they are doing. If you interrupt them during a recording, it will stop their recording and they may have to start it over.

  • 22 December 2004

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