Character Palette


Follow the same instructions for installing a foreign language keyboard to install the Character Palette. The Character Palette is only available on OS X.

Starting the Character Palette

To find the character palette, click on the American Flag in the top right hand corner of the menu bar.

Selecting the character palette

This will bring up the character palette

By clicking on the pull down menu next to View you can either select a language, or "All Characters"

Choosing a category

For Font Variation and Character Info, click on the arrows next to the words in the bottom left of the palette.

Selecting all options

Creating Favorites

Characters can be added to the favorites menu by selecting "Add to Favorites" from the bottom left corner.

Adding to Favorites

Adding a character

Finally, to add characters to a document, simply double click on the character or highlight the character and click insert, the document or other program must be open for this to work.