MS Office 2003/2004 Proofing Tools

Carleton computers have the proofing tools (e.g. spell and grammar checking) installed for English (US), French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. They can be found on any public computer on campus.

The steps below are the same for both Macintosh (Office 2003) and Windows (Office XP) computers.

Step 1: Highlight text (use Ctrl+A/⌘+A to select all text)

Step 2: Tools>Language>Set Language

Selecting Language options

Step 3: Find language you want.

Note: Only languages with the ABC check symbol are installed

Language Choices

Step 4: Highlight desired language

Step 5: Click OK

Please contact Carly Born (cborn, x7010) to request the installation of proofing tools for a language not currently available.