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Faculty Guide

Download help guides created by the CAN8 company, Steffri Multimedia:

CAN8 Teaching Guide (PDF)

CAN8 Authoring Guide (PDF)

CAN8 FAQ - FAQs taken from the CAN8 Discussion Board

  • Inputting Lessons into Can-8

    This help guide details how to input lab manual text and tracks into Can-8.
  • Using the Tracker Window in Can-8

    From the tracker window, you may view and grade students' progress. You may also open and close lessons to students and leave audio feedback for completed lessons.
  • CAN8 FAQ for Faculty

    Frequently Asked Questions about CAN8.
  • XClass

    How to use the classroom control software in LDC 241 & 243, called XClass.
  • Babilon

    How to use CAN8 in the Multimedia Lab Classrooms (LDC 241 & 243) for live activities, including pairing activities.