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ELFE 3.0

This software is based on the Elementary French Exercises (ELFE) originally written by Geoffrey R. Hope in the Dasher Authoring System by Sue Otto and James P. Pusack, and distributed through the PICS project formerly housed at the University of Iowa.

After several attempts at making an online, sharable version of ELFE, we have finally arrived at a version that is robust and easily integrated into modern course management systems. You may freely download the exercises from here for use in your environment.

To create this web-based version of ELFE, we used Hot Potatoes software, a suite of authoring tools designed specifically for language teachers. Hot Potatoes has been used worldwide for many years, and has a large and active community of teachers who help support it. There are a number of tutorials, both by the authors of the program and also by the many people who actively develop activities in Hot Potatoes regularly.

You may also view a PDF of the exercise list. This document is a scan of the original exercise lists that were distributed on paper by PICS.


We provide versions for download:

  • A Moodle backup file that will restore each of the 799 unique exercises to it's own Moodle site. The intention is that this site can then be used to create customized backups of specific exercises for a particular course. Each exercise is listed as a separate activity on the site.
  • A zip archive of all exercises in the Hot Potatoes format. From these, you can download the Hot Potatoes software and use it to create SCORM modules of any selection of exercises. Read the Hot Potatoes website about making SCORM packages for more information.


Unfortunately, we are not able to actively support the use of these exercises outside of Carleton. We used Hot Potatoes software to create web versions of the exercises, all questions about Hot Potatoes should be directed to their website.

Credit where Credit is Due

There were several people instrumental in working on various versions of ELFE since it went online. I am indebted to the hard work they contributed to this project. They are:

  • Scott Carpenter
  • Richard Goerwitz
  • Matt Bockol
  • Rosemary Phelps
  • Jen Gratz
  • Ilyamidé Olukoshi

Related Documents

  • ELFE 3.0 Moodle Version (1743 KB Compressed ZIP Archive)
    A Moodle backup archive of the entire collection of ELFE exercises. These are created in the Hot Potatoes format, which is a module in the base installation of Moodle. Ask your administrator to turn on this module if it is not already available.
  • ELFE 3.0 Hot Potatoes Version (1625 KB Compressed ZIP Archive)
    This is a zip archive of all 799 ELFE exercises in Hot Potatoes format. These can be uploaded to Moodle, which has a Hot Potatoes module, or used to create other web-based versions of the exercises (using the Hot Potatoes freeware).
  • ELFE Exercise List (1102 KB PDF Document)
    List of exercise titles in ELFE. Scanned from original paper documenation.
  • ELFE Exercise List (101 KB Excel Document)
    A table of ELFE exercise names and their equivalent file names.