Essays in Honor of Alison Kettering

We are pleased to publish this volume in celebration of Alison Kettering’s rich contributions to the teaching and practice of art history, and particularly to the field of seventeenth-century Dutch art. Many thanks are due to the faculty and staff of Carleton College, especially Kathleen Ryor, Heidi Eyestone, and Steve Bentley for their help in conceiving and producing this volume. In addition, we would like to thank Rebecca Parker Brienen, Jessen Kelley, Mia Mochizuki, and Rebecca Tucker for reading early versions of the essays and Cynthia Newman Edwards for copy editing the final texts.

Through the breadth of their methodology and the diversity of their geographic focus, the essays collected here provide the best evidence of Professor Kettering’s wide-ranging influence on the field of early modern art history and her gifts as a teacher, colleague, and scholar.

Dawn Odell and Jessica Buskirk