Placement Tests for French, Spanish, and German

Please read the following instructions carefully.

The deadline to complete the placement test is July 15, 2019.

The test is web-based, so you will need to use a computer with a stable internet connection. We highly recommend using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari. All questions on the test are multiple choice. Once you submit an answer, you do not have the opportunity to go back and change that answer. There is no time limit for taking this test, so take your time and answer carefully.

When you finish the test, you will see a results screen. Please print (or save) this page for your records. Your results will automatically be sent to the language departments at Carleton College. In some cases, rather than a course placement you will see the message “TBA.”  If you see "TBA" you will be required to take the AVANT Place exam on campus during New Student Week (see NSW schedule for the time and place).

You must take the web-based exam before being allowed to take the AVANT Place exam. Please be aware that the web-based test may be taken only once; your first attempt is the only one we will count. While cramming makes no sense, brushing up prior to the assessment does. Failing to prepare does not constitute a reason for a re-test.

If you have any questions or problems with the test, please email or call Mary Tatge at 507-222-4252. If you want your AP, SATII or IB score counted, make sure it is sent to the registrar or it won't count. If you are questioning whether the Registrar has received your score, please contact Maria Reverman at 507-222-4291. If you take the online exam and have another score we will take the higher of the two placements. If you have further questions, you can contact the appropriate department chair.

This diagnostic test is short and has proven relatively accurate. However, it is not perfect, and you may feel it has not reflected your skills. If you would like to question your placement, please check with the appropriate department chair.

Proceed to the placement test.