As a residential college, you might expect Carleton's halls and houses to be the center of life for many students. You’d be right. Despite what people say about Carls living in the library, they really do spend more time in their residence halls than anywhere else on campus.

90% of Carleton students (those who aren’t in an Off Campus Studies program, that is) live in college housing. And whether it's in a residence hall, a shared interest house, or one of the coveted campus townhouses, Carls pack a lot of life into their residential life! From pizza study breaks to Bad Poetry Night, the activities that go on in Carleton’s halls and houses are often some of the most memorable of your college experiences.

Residence Halls

Most of Carleton's students — and all first-year students — live in one of the College's residence halls (dorms). Most floors have a diverse mix of people from all four classes, and Resident Assistants (RAs) are there to coordinate floor and hall activities and other social and educational events. All residence halls have lounges, TVs and laundry facilities. All campus buildings are smoke-free and most halls have substance-free floors.

Townhouses and Other Campus Housing

In addition to the residence halls, Carleton has ten apartment-style townhouses on campus and 29 other college-owned houses in the surrounding neighborhood. Several of the houses are shared interest living communities, where students with a particular passion — sustainability, faith, outdoor adventure, food, and science fiction, to name a few — can share space and ideas with like-minded classmates.