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Students Say...

What's it really like to live at Carleton? We asked current students to describe it in their own words. Below is a sampling of their uncensored comments.

  • Campus life at Carleton is just what I had hoped for. Socially, there is always something going on on the weekends, whether you are into parties, concerts, dances, or just hanging out, all of it happens. There are also many opportunities for recreation, from intramural ultimate frisbee to working out at the Rec center, taking a walk in the arb, or participating in an a-capella group, the opportunities are limitless, it seems.Anna Newman '11
  • Not a huge party or jock school, but people still know how to have a good time.Carleton Sophomore
  • You're respected whether or not you choose to drink, and there are substance-free floors and an abundance of non-alcohol related activities every weekend!Jinai A. Bharucha '11
  • Campus life is what you make it. There are tons of opportunities, from dances to frisbee to concerts. You just have to chose what you like, or don't like. And don't assume everything has to do with alcohol. I'm dry and I still have fun.Rose Hyson '11
  • Everyone goes out on a Saturday night, even if it's not to drink--on Sunday nights, EVERYONE is in the library. Overall, Carleton students have the ability to find an equitable balance between school work and life.Claire Hill '11
  • If you're looking for parties, there are definitely plenty of parties on the weekends. If you're not into parties, though, you won't feel out of place. There are plenty of people here to hang out with that don't party.Ben Picone '11