Carleton's official colors might be maize and blue, but look around campus and you'll be seeing green. The College is committed to being a good citizen of a more sustainable world (yeah, it's corny, but what do you expect from a college surrounded by cornfields?).

Students for a Greener Carleton

Carleton students push the College to think greener every day—even if it means camping outside in the middle of winter. Students inspired Carleton's purchase of our first wind turbine, the introduction of Fair Trade organic coffee in the dining halls, and many other campus initiatives.


Concerned about the ecological impact of your campus dining? Don’t worry: Carleton offers locally-grown food and all dining hall food waste is composted, along with all disposable items at the Snack Bar, including plates, cups, sandwich wrapping, and even the utensils!

Don't Trash It!

We make recycling really easy. Carleton was the first higher educational institution in Minnesota to implement a single-stream recycling program, where all recyclables—from paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and glass—can be thrown together into bins located all across the campus.