Student writer program

For students who are interested in media relations, communications or journalism, the Office of Media Relations offers the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere and gain valuable skills by helping to communicate news about Carleton and its people and programs to the general public. By participating in our student writer program, students can enhance their journalistic writing skills and their interviewing technique, and develop a more focused news sense.

Our student writers are responsible for discovering and producing newsworthy stories about Carleton faculty, students and programs. Most of the stories they write are in the form of feature news releases. In addition, student-written pieces help promote student and faculty accomplishments, and general activity at the college.

The student writer program uses a beat system to help students stay in touch with the campus. Each student writer is given a group of academic departments as his or her campus beat. The student is responsible for covering that beat by contacting faculty, staff and students involved in each academic area to which they are assigned. The goal is to discover newsworthy stories and stay up-to-date on the activities and interests of Carleton faculty and students.

With the assistance of the staff, each student writer develops appropriate story ideas into news releases. Many of the news releases on this site are the result of student work.

The student writer position is an excellent way for a student to compile writing samples for a portfolio, gain exposure to the everyday workings of the news media, and receive professional guidance on his or her writing skills. Many of our past student writers have gone on to careers at public relations agencies, television stations, newspapers, or as freelance writers.

If you are a current Carleton student (or soon to be one), and are interested in knowing more about our student writer program, please contact our office.