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Fred Rogers Named 2013 Distinguished Business Officer by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)

July 22, 2013

Fred Rogers ’72, Carleton College Vice President and Treasurer, has been recognized as a 2013 Distinguished Business Officer by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). The NACUBO Distinguished Business Officer award is given annually “To recognize outstanding achievement in the field of business and financial management in higher education.” It is given to at most two individuals nationally each year.

Rogers, who assumed his current post at Carleton in 2004, was recently honored at the 2013 NACUBO annual meeting July 13-16 in Indianapolis.

“Carleton is very fortunate indeed to have Fred Rogers as its Vice President and Treasurer,” states Carleton President Steven G. Poskanzer. “It’s wonderful to see that NACUBO has recognized what we in Northfield have long known: that Fred is not only an exceptionally smart and thoughtful CFO, but that his enviable record of success in leading and helping to build stronger colleges and universities also reflects his genuine reverence for and commitment to the academic work done at such institutions.”

“Fred’s expertise, creativity, integrity and passion make him a rare colleague and a national model. We’re proud that he calls his alma mater Carleton his professional home, too.”

As Vice President and Treasurer, Rogers oversees all financial and business operations of the College, serving as the corporate Chief Financial Officer. Following his graduation from Carleton as a mathematic major in 1972, Rogers pursued a MS in public policy from Carnegie Mellon, graduating with distinction from CMU’s Heinz School of Public Policy in 1974. He began his career at Carnegie Mellon in Institutional Research, quickly rising to be appointed the Chief Financial Officer of Carnegie Mellon, nine years after graduating from Carleton. After a total of 16 years at CMU, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Cornell University where he served for ten years in that role. He has since received an Alumni Merit Award from Carnegie Mellon University and the title of Senior Vice President Emeritus from Cornell. 

Rogers has served on a number of Board of Directors, including the Cornell Research Foundation, Tompkins County Foundation, United Way of Tompkins County, Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, EACUBO and the Council of Government Relations (COGR). He has long served as a trustee of the Lebanese American University. He currently serves as the chair of the NACUBO Sustainability Advisory Committee and is on the Board of the Private College 529 Plan. Rogers is also the Vice President of the Northfield Economic Development Authority and has served on the Board of the Northfield Enterprise Center.

In the 32 years since he was first appointed CFO, Rogers has served on numerous NACUBO and EACUBO committees and groups, and has taught extensively in their professional development programs. He was very involved in the rewriting of OMB Circular A-21 language for research administration in his years on the Council of Governmental Relations (COGR) board where he served as chair of the Costing Policies Committee and then chair of the board.

Rogers has had a lifelong commitment to professional development, speaking extensively at NACUBO, SACUBO, EACUBO and other organizations and helping to found and direct the EACUBO Administrative Management Institute, which operates at Cornell each summer. He has published several papers including a series of articles on endowment for the Commonfund Institute.

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) is a membership organization representing more than 2,500 colleges, universities, and higher education service providers across the country and around the world.

NACUBO specifically represents chief business and financial officers through advocacy efforts, community service, and professional development activities. The association's mission is to advance the economic viability and business practices of higher education institutions in fulfillment of their academic missions. For more information, visit

The complete list of 2013 NACUBO award winners are as follows:

2013 Distinguished Business Officer Recipients:
Benjamin F. Quillian, executive vice chancellor & CFO, The California State University System
Frederick Rogers, vice president and treasurer, Carleton College

2013 Daniel D. Robinson Accounting Award Recipient:
Karl Turro, controller, Northwestern University

2013 Tax Award Recipient:
Richard Klee, tax director, University of Notre Dame

2013 Rodney H. Adams Endowment Management Award Recipient:
Verne Sedlacek, president and CEO, Commonfund

2013 Rising Star Award Recipient:
Tom Richards, treasurer, University of Missouri System
Danilo Castillo, director of finance and administration, Florida International University

2013 Innovation Awards Recipients:
Elgin Community College — Engaging Parent Support
SUNY Potsdam/SUNY Canton — Administrative Alliance Fostering Shared Services
University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, Safe View 360
Baylor University — Energy Awareness Program