Carleton College Awards Tenure to Chemistry Professor Calderone

February 12, 2019

Christopher T. Calderone, assistant professor of chemistry, joined the Carleton department of chemistry in 2012, after earning his SB in chemistry from the University of Chicago, his MPhil in chemistry from Cambridge University, and his PhD  in chemistry and chemical biology from Harvard University. Prior to joining Carleton, Calderone served as assistant professor of chemistry at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn.

At Carleton, Calderone teaches courses in the principles of chemistry, biological chemistry, and the chemistry and biology of antibiotics. His colleagues remark on the thoughtfulness of his teaching, drawing on his own research program to incorporate authentic research experiences in the biological chemistry laboratory.

As a biochemist, Calderone studies natural product biosynthesis. His work examines the chemical mechanisms of the dedicated enzymes responsible for the production, or biosynthesis, of natural products. The applications of this research are as diverse as the natural products examined. While at Carleton, Calderone has investigated the production of novel antibacterials, bacterial toxins and non-ribosomal peptides.

Calderone has supervised many undergraduate students in the research lab, sending them to scientific meetings, and co-authoring publications in respected journals. He also has been successful in acquiring research funding, including a highly competitive National Science Foundation RUI award.

For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of the College at (507) 222-4303.