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Some of Hip Hop’s Best B-boys to Battle It Out at Carleton

September 28, 2010

Some of the hip hop world’s best b-boys (or “break-boys”) will take to the floor in a not-to-be-missed battle on Friday, Oct. 1, beginning at 7 p.m., in the Carleton College Recreation Center. The battle – a competition between a half dozen “crews” from the Twin Cities, Carleton and Northfield – will be judged by three world-class b-boys hailing from New York City: Kid Glyde, Whorah, and Gravity. Featuring fancy footwork, acrobatic style, and back-beats provided by Chicago-based DJ Lester Burnem, this event is free and open to all ages.

All three master b-boys are members of the prize-winning break-boy crew, the Dynamic Rockers. Established in 1979, the Dynamic Rockers, whose members mostly hail from Queens and Long Island, New York, are responsible for pioneering the art of b-boying, also known as “breakdancing.” The Dynamic’s original members brought “breakin’” into national and international focus in 1981 with a legendary battle with their biggest rivals at the time, the Rock Steady Crew, as part of New York’s Lincoln Center Outdoors Program. The event was covered by National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Village Voice—later gaining the crew worldwide exposure and a feature in the film, “The Last Dragon.”

Today, under the leadership of Kid Glyde (who also happens to be the son of Glyde, one of the founding Dynamic Rockers), the Dynamic’s choreographed routines, featuring gymnastic and acrobatic elements, continue to wow audiences with their energetic and cutting-edge approach. The current members have kept the legacy of what the original Dynamic Rockers instilled, performing and competing at events and concerts nationally and around the globe. The recipients of multiple national and international awards, last year Kid Glyde was one of only 16 b-boys in America to be selected for the Red Bull BCI Competition; this year Gravity has been selected. Next month the Dynamic Rockers will represent the United States at a b-boy championship in the United Kingdom.

The Dynamic Rockers have been featured on MTV, BET, “The Today Show,” and numerous nationally syndicated television programs. A new television series featuring the crew is currently in production. The Dynamic Rockers are acclaimed for their aesthetic appeal, athletic skill, and enthusiastic energy. Their performances guarantee a visual feast for fans of all ages.

More information about the Dynamic Rockers, Kid Glyde, Whorah, and Gravity can be found online at Kid Glyde also maintains a blog at

The Bboy Battle is sponsored by the Carleton College departments of German and Russian, cinema and media studies (CAMS), theater and dance, studies in the arts, and the Office of the Dean of the College. The Carleton College Recreation Center is located off Highway 19 in Northfield. For more information, contact Roger Paas at (507) 222-4239.