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Manduca’s Book Featured by Geological Society of America

May 21, 2012
By Anna Versen '14

NORTHFIELD, Minn.––Cathryn Manduca, director of Carleton College’s Science Education Research Center (SERC), has co-authored Earth and Mind II, a geology textbook that explores the distinctive ways geoscientists perceive, analyze, and explain the workings of the earth system.

The book addresses topics such as thinking about space, time, natural systems, and the importance of fieldwork for teaching and learning. Manduca and her co-editor, Kim Kastens, say that the goal in writing the book was to reach the next generation with new methods and clearer information. “Our ability as a society to deal effectively with these problems depends on raising a next generation of citizens, scientists, and decision makers who can think more insightfully about Earth and environment than did their parents and grandparents,” they said.

In her work in directing SERC, Manduca and her team work on a variety of projects that support improvements in undergraduate education and geoscience education, including organizing workshops for faculty, developing web resources, and researching learning by geoscientists, faculty and students.

The book is available now in the GSA Bookstore at