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The Knightingales to Appear as part of Northfield's Annual Dylan Fest

May 22, 2012

Thursday, May 24 is Bob Dylan's 71st birthday and Northfield will celebrate this Minnesota music legend with the 2nd annual Dylan Fest, taking place at The Content Cow in downtown Northfield. Invited to perform this year are Carleton's all-female a cappella ensemble, The Knightingales. "Dylan's music and poetic lyrics carry the ability to touch anyone who listens, whether it's the first or hundredth time he or she has listened to a song," says Isabelle Rivers-McCue '14 (Gates Mills, Ohio), of The Knightingales in a profile published in the Northfield News.

The Knightingales plan to sing a version of “Hard Times,” a song which Dylan didn’t actually write, but fans should recognize as one that he has covered. Rivers-McCue said that one of her fellow members of The Knightingales arranged their version in three-part harmony “with a soft percussive part accompanying the voices.”

“As an a cappella group, there’s always the challenge of finding a way to recreate vocals and instruments using only our voices,” she said. “Depending on the song and how hard it is to arrange it, we often end up with our own twist on a classic song.”

Dylan Fest kicks off at 6 p.m. and is free and open to the public. The Contented Cow is located at 302 Division Street South in Northfield