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Carleton’s International Film Forum Continues; Screenings Open to the Public

March 31, 2014

Carleton College continues its weekly International Film Forum with screenings beginning at 7 p.m. in the Weitz Center for Creativity Cinema. Featuring films from all around the world, these screenings are free and open to the public.

The International Film Forum is a group dedicated to the viewing and studying of foreign films, developed thought a partnership between the Carleton departments of arts, cinema and media studies, and languages. The screenings are often preceded by a presentation by the director of the film a Carleton professor, or a knowledgeable guest—and then followed by a short discussion session.

Spring term featured films include:

Wed., April 2: “Remembering Nokutela” (2013, United States, directed by Chérif Keita)

  • Keita, a Mali-born film director and professor of French and Francophone studies at Carleton, documents his journey unearthing the story of a forgotten woman pioneer in the liberation movement in South Africa.

Mon., April 7: “Spirit of the Beehive” El Espíritu de la Colmena (1973, Spain, directed by Victor Erice)

Tues., April 8: “Open Road” (2014, USA, directed by Alain LeTourneau)

  • A special colloquium with the filmmaker follows this screening

Mon., April 14: “Juliette Binoche: Sketches for a Portrait” Juliette Binoche Dans Les Yeux (2009, France, directed by Marion Stalens)

Wed., April 16: “El Bosc” (2012, Spain, directed by Oscar Aibar)

  • A special colloquium with the filmmaker follows this screening

Mon., April 21: “The Holy Innocents” Los Santos Inocentes (1984, Spain, directed by Mario Camus)

Fri., April 25: “The Tiniest Place” El Lugar Más Pequeño (2011, El Salvador/Mexico, directed by Tatiana Huezo)

Mon., April 28: “The White Ribbon” Das Weiße Band (2011, Germany/Austria, directed by Michael Haneke) 

Mon., May 12: “Black Bread” Pa Negre (2010, Spain, directed by Agustí Villarongo

Tues., May 13: “The Blonds” Los Rubios (2003, Argentina, directed by Albertina Carri)

  • A colloquium with the filmmaker follows the screening

Mon., May 19: “Two Sided Story” (2011, Israel/Palestine, directed by Tor-Ben)

Mon., May 26: “Flowers From Another World” Flores de Otro Mundo (1999, Spain, directed by Iciar Bolan)

Mon., June 2: “Carmina O Revienta” (2012, Spain, directed by Paco Leon)

For more information about the Carleton College International Film Forum, including disability accommodations, please contact Steve Richards, Director of the Arts, at (507) 222-4389. The Weitz Center for Creativity is located at College and Third Streets in Northfield.