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Carleton Responds to Northfield Flood Emergency

June 19, 2014

Flooding South of West Gym 

As the waters on the nearby Cannon River continue to rise following several days of heavy rain, the City of Northfield has declared a flood emergency. In response, Carleton officials have enacted the campus flood plan, created following significant flooding experienced in 2010.

River elevation is currently nearing 900 feet above sea level, causing the Cannon River to spill over its banks and flood some adjacent campus land. Steps have been taken to protect the West Gym and Laird Stadium, and parking lots at the lower Arboretum and the Stadium have been closed.

Based on current assessment of the flooding situation, the most likely worst-case scenario is that the College would lose power and access to the West Gym, Laird Stadium, the Recreation Center, and Goodhue Hall. Required cut-offs of electricity to the rest of campus would require a much higher level of flooding.

As a safety precaution, campus official have relocated Reunion student workers housed in Wilson, Allen, and Prentice Houses to alternative housing provided by our good friends at St. Olaf College. In addition, the Annual Lighten Up! Garage Sale in West Gym has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

The College continues to closely monitor the flooding situation and precautions will remain in place until the river returns closer to normal levels. More rain is expected later today, but the weather forecast looks promising for the weekend.