Adding an Assignment

 LyndaFor a video explanation please see this video created by (Note you will have to log in using your Carleton ID)

1. Click the button on the top right of your course page that says Turn editing on.

Turn editing on button

2. Scroll to the topic you'd like to add the assignment to. Click on the Add and Activity or Resource link at the bottom right of that topic and a small window will open.

Add and activity or resource

3. Find Assignment and click on its thumbnail then click Add.

Select to add an assignment

4. Next you will choose a name and write out a description for the assignment.

5. Below are sections which are unique or particularly important to the Assignment Module:

Under "Availability" you will find the options to set the due date and set when the students can first submit the assignment. 

Settings for the availability of an assignment to students

Under "Submission Types" you can set how the students will submit assignments and how long the writing or how large the file is.

Settings for different submission types for an assignment