Grading Assignments

View All Student Submissions

  1. Click on the assignment you'd like to grade and you will see a summary of the assignment
  2. Click on [View all submissions] to see the list of students, or click the [Grade] button to enter directly into the grading interface for the first student with a submission.

    M3.1 Assignment Grading

Pro Tip #1: Use the [View submissions button] with Quick Grading enabled to quickly enter grades without comments.  Scroll to the bottom of the assignment grading page and check the box next to Quick Grading.  

Using the Assignment Grader

The new Assignment grading interface will convert student submissions to PDF so that you can view and annotate it online or enter grades and feedback while reviewing student work.

M3.1 Assignment Grading Interface

Offline Grading (Download all submissions at once)

Offline grading allows you to download all student submissions in a single zip file, grade/annotate them on your own computer and then upload them all in a single zip file to Moodle to return to students.  Moodle keeps track of documents through it's file naming convention to ensure the annotated files get returned to the appropriate student.

  1. Open the assignment and click the [View all submissions] button
    M3.1 Assignment Grading
  2. Before downloading, set your download preference.  The default is that Moodle will download each student submission into it's own folder. Some find this unnecessary, and prefer to have the files all downloaded into a single folder with student names appended to the file names. To set your download preference, scroll to the bottom of the All Submissions page to the section called Options.  Uncheck the Download in folders option to have all submissions downloaded into a single folder.
  3. From the "Grading actions" menu select Download all submssions. Also select Download grading worksheet to download a spreadsheet for recording grades and general comments to be uploaded to Moodle later. Make sure the file is saved to the computer.

    M3.1 Assignment Grading Download Submissions
  4. If your computer does not do it for you, unzip the compressed file downloaded to your computer
    1. MAC: you can usually do this by double-clicking the zip file
    2. Windows: Find the zip folder and right-click and select the "Extract All" confirm the path name and select "Extract"

extract all

  1. The uncompressed folder will contain a folder for each student, which contains the document(s) they submitted to the assignment.  
    M3.1 Assignment Grading Downloaded Files              Windows
  2. Open and annotate these documents using your preferred software, saving any changes in place. You can also add additional files to return to the student by putting them in the appropriate folder.  Do not rename the folder names while you are annotating.  Moodle requires these names to remain as is so that it can return the correct file to the correct student appropriately.
    M3.1 Additional Feedback Files
  3. When grading is complete, select all student folders and right-click on them to choose Compress * items to create a single zip file of all documents.
    Compress Files on Mac  Compress Files on Windows
  4. In the "Grading actions" menu select Upload multiple feedback files in a zip and then drag your zip file onto the drag-n-drop box provided. Select Upload grading worksheet to upload grades and general comments from your previously downloaded worksheet.
    M3.1 Upload Files and Grading Worksheet