Peer Review (Workshop)

Workshop is an activity module that allows for students to submit a draft of a paper and then receive peer reviews of their work.  It's a complex module, but it enables a complex process that happens in many disciplines.  Features include randomized peer reviewer assignment, feedback options (comments, rubric, accumulative feedback, etc).  There are also customizable grading options that can include scores for both a students' review of another students' work, as well as the grade they receive for their own work.

Setup Phase

This is the initial phase when you create and setup the workshop activity.  While you are still in the Setup phase, students are not allowed to submit papers.  Here you can set up instructions for both the initial submission and the peer reviewers, as well as opening and closing dates for the Submission and Assessment Phase. 

Submission Phase

During this phase, students are submitting their initial draft document to be reviewed.  The submission instructions you entered in the Workshop settings will appear at the top of the page so that students have a reminder of their assignment before they submit.  They can upload a document and/or leave comments in a text field.  Learn more...

Moodle Workshop 1

Assessment Phase

The Assessment Phase is when the peer reviewers are assigned, and their reviews can be submitted.  Allocation of peer reviewers can be either randomized or manual.  See the documentation about Assigning Peer Reviewers for more details on how to assign peer reviewers.  There are different types of assessment forms you can use to prompt reviewers for their responses.  Learn more...

Moodle Workshop 2

Grading Evaluation Phase

The Grading Evaluation phase is when the final grading (if any) and instructor evaluation is conducted.  The instructor can leave feedback for both the author of the original submission, as well as the peer reviewer.  This phase is optional if you are not grading or commenting on the peer reviewed documents.  If you are using Workshop as a draft for a final version that will be graded, you may want to create a separate assignment for students to use to submit their final draft and do your grading there. Learn more...


When the Workshop is closed, all submission and peer reviews are finished.  It is at this point that students can view the feedback left for them by their peers (and not before).