The Attendance modules lets you keep detailed attendance records and automatically calculate it into the course grade.  It can be used with the default settings, or you can customize the attendance options and point values by clicking the "Settings" tab inside the module.

  1. Turn editing on and click the "Add activity or resource" link on your course page.
  2. Select Attendance from the list of activities
    M3.1 Add Attendance
  3. Enter a name for the activity and enter the "Maximum grade" that can be earned for perfect attendance throughout the whole term.
    M3.1 Attendance Settings
  4. Create a session for each of your class meeting times by clicking the "Add" tab.  You can create multiple sessions at once by checking the box, completing the date and time information and selecting the days of the week.  
    M3.1 Attendance Add Session
  5. To record attendance, make sure you are on the "Sessions" tab and click the green circle to the right of the class meeting time.
    M3.1 Attendance Recording 1
  6. Click the radio buttons to enter attendance for each student.  Notes can also be added.
    M3.1 Record Attendance 2
  7. Click the [Save attendance] button to save your record.