Importing course content from 2014-15 or later

All courses from 2014-15 and later will remain on the same Moodle server until they are 5 years old. 

To copy materials from your 2014-15 course to a 2015-16 course page, you can use the Import function of Moodle rather than the old Backup and Restore method.  Import is used when both the source course site and the destination course site are available on the same Moodle server, and is a faster method for copying content from site to another.

1. Open your destination course site (i.e. the site you are importing INTO)

2. In the "Administration" block select Import

3. If you do not see your source (previous) course site, use the search box to find it


4. Click the radio button to the left of the source course name and click the [Continue] button

5. Click [Next] - to pick and choose which items to import, or click [Jump to final step] - to import everything from the source site:


8. Click [Continue] after the process completes