Course Formats

To change the course format:

1. To access course formats select Edit settings in the administration menu on the left side of the screen.

 Edit course settings in the administration block

2. Go down to the header labeled Course format and click on it to expand it

3. From there click on the menu next to "Format" to change the format.

Menu of course formatting options



Different formats: Weekly, Topics, Social, Single activity, Grid, NED-Tabs, Buttons, and Flexible sections.

Weekly format is where every section has a week with dates along the top.

Topics format is where the course is grouped by topics rather than weeks. It tends to have fewer sections and allows you to customize the names of sections (although this is is possible in any format).

Social format is a format where it repurposes the moodle page to be basically a single discussion.

Single activity format is where the entire moodle page is one activity.Grid format replaces all sections with boxes in a grid, which only really looks good if all boxes have pictures in them. These boxes open up into an overlay that appears over the moodle page.

NED-Tabs format displays sections as numbered tabs. The number of tabs is unlimited and the colour settings (text, hover, background, etc.) can be customized. In addition, this course format includes an alternative Activity Tracking System, which tracks the following activity completion statuses:

  • Complete 
  • Incomplete
  • Draft (saved by not submitted)
  • Not Attempted
  • Waiting for grade (student has submitted this activity) 

Buttons format is a course format that creates a menu with buttons in javascript to access the sections, one by one.
It has features to change the button colours and create group of sections (example: modules, period).

Flexible sections format allow for collapsed sections where you decide whether or not they are visible and how much of the sections are visible.