Integrating Google Drive

While there is an integration between Google Drive and Moodle, it does not work as one might expect.  When you use the FilePicker to add a Google Drive document, the document will be copied and uploaded to Moodle. Therefore, if you then subsequently make changes to the document, you will have to re-upload it to Moodle for your students to see the new version of the file.

For this reason, you may find it easier to use Google's provided sharing mechanisms to share Google-hosted documents with your students.

Using Google's Share Links in Moodle

  1. Create a file or folder in your Google Drive
  2. Right-click on the file or folder, and click "Share..."
  3. Configure the share settings to the level of sharing with which you are comfortable, use the Advanced button to configure sharing more specifically
    GDrive_ShareWithOthersDialog GDrive_AdvancedShareDialog
  4. Highlight and then copy the "Link to share" from the Google Sharing dialog box
  5. In Moodle, turn editing on
  6. Click "+ Add an activity or resource"
    Add and activity or resource
  7. Choose "URL"
  8. Enter a title and then paste your Google sharing link
  9. Click [Save and return to course]

Using Moodle's Google Drive Repository

  1. In Moodle, turn editing on
    Turn editing on button
  2. Click "+Add an activity or resource"
    Add and activity or resource
  3. Choose File
  4. In the "Select Files" area, click the "Add..." button
  5. Choose "Google Drive" from the choices on the left
  6. Click the [Login to your account] button
  7. You may need to link your Carleton Google account
  8. Find and click on the file you wish to upload to Moodle
  9. Click the [Select this file] button

NOTE: Google Documents will be converted to RTF format.  Google Slides will be converted to PowerPoint, and Google Sheets will be converted to Excel format.