Forum Types

 Different forum types:

A single simple discussion - New posts/topics can only be created by teachers, students only have the power to comment on an existing discussion thread.

Each person posts one discussion - Each individual gets to post a single discussion thread, but has the ability to comment on anyone else's.

Q and A forum - Used when a teacher wants students to individually answer a question, students cannot create new topics and will not see other answers to the question until they've posted their own.

Standard forum displayed like a blog - Works siimilarly to the standard forum but each discussion shows the first post (similar to how it would look if it were a blog).

Standard forum for general use (Default) - Students see an introduction text above a list of discussions and must click on a discussion to see the entire contents. Students also have the option to open a new discussion topic if they so choose.

To change forum types:

1. Click Turn editing on in the upper right corner.

Turn editing on button

2. Click on the Edit button next to the forum name and then click Edit settings

Button for editing the settings of a forum

3. Scroll down and find the forum type setting

Selection of different types of forums

4. Chose the forum type you prefer, and save changes.