Grading Students

Grading Assignments

Many activities on the course page have their own grading interfaces, the most commonly used are Assignments and Quizzes.  Grades entered into the Assignment or Quiz grading interfaces are automatically sent to the central Gradebook. See Assignment Grading for details on how to use the Assignment grading interface.  See this page on how Quizzes are graded.

Entering Manual Grades

You can create manual grade items in the gradebook and then enter grades by hand.  This is useful for items like participation (although you can also try the Attendance module), class presentations, etc.

  1. In the "Administration" block on the left, click Grades to enter the gradebook
    M3.1 Grades Link
  2. Click the [Turn editing on] button
  3. Enter grades in the text box, use your Tab key on your  keyboard to move down in the column.  

    Click the "pencil icons" for either assignments or individual students to enter "Single View" for that item or student.

    Click the "bar list" icon to enter the User Report for an individual student (great for advising sessions with individual students)
    M3.1 Gradebook Editing On
  4. Click the [Save changes] button in the lower left or hit the Tab key on your keyboard to save your entries.
    M3.1 Gradebook Save Changes

Single View

Single View is an edit-able page available for either specific grade items or individual students.  

For specific assignments it allows you to enter grades and comments, override automatic grades, or exempt a specific student from the assignmet.

M3.1 Single View Grade Item

Single View for an individual student allows you to do all of the same actions, but while looking at the student's entire record for the course.

M3.1 Single View Individual Student