Setting up Gradebook

In the "Administration" block on the left, choose Gradebook Setup

M3.1 Gradebook Setup Link

Using Natural Aggregation

If you imported your course from a previous term, your gradebook may have inherited previous gradebook settings (Simple Weighted Means or Weighted Mean of Grades aggregations). Those older aggregation methods are being phased out and replaced with the "Natural" aggregation method. We recommend you switch your course to use Natural aggregation before making any other changes to your gradebook setup.


When using natural weighting, drop the lowest is only allowed when:

  • all children of the category have equal weights
  • all children of the category have equal max grade
  • there are no sub categories in the category
  • there are no extra credit items in the category


  1. At the very top of your gradebook setup page, click the "Edit" link to the far right of the title of your course, then click "Edit Settings"
  2. Change the Aggregation setting to Natural, then click the [Save Changes] button.

Weighting Assignments or Groups of Assignments

The gradebook will automatically weight assignments equally based on their maximum point totals, those weights are shown in the Weights column. You can override the weights, and it will automatically re-balance the other items in the gradebook so that the weights column always equals 100.

M3.1 Gradebook Weighted Category

Creating Groups of Assignments

  1. Click the Add category button and create a category (e.g. "Papers")
  2. Check the checkbox to the right of the activities you wish to group into this category
  3. Select the category name from the "Move selected items to ..." pull-down menu at the bottom left of the window

 Moodle 3.1 Select Activities in Gradebook Moodle 3.1 Move Activities into a Category in Gradebook

Changing the Display of Grade Items

Any of the grade items in the grade book can be displayed in a number of different ways, including real points, percentages or equivalent letter grades.  The default display for all grade items is the real points with percentage in parentheses.

  1. Click the "Edit" link to the right of the item in the Setup screen and then click Edit settings
    M3.1 Gradebook Setup Edit Settings
  2. Set the Grade Display Type setting to the display option you want.
    M3.1 Grade Item Settings Grade Display
  3. Items that are set to Letter will use the Letter scale as it is defined in the [Letters] tab of the Gradebook. You can customize this scale to suit your needs.

    M3.1 Gradebook Letters Tab

    NOTE: Grade items set to display as Letter grades must still be entered as numbers.  So when you turn editing on, the display will revert back to real points display for entry.