Top 10 Moodle Questions (with Answers!)

This list represents the most commonly asked questions we hear about Moodle, and their answers.  

Top 10 #1 How do I copy assignments/content from one Moodle site to another?

These resources from the Moodle Documentation will walk you through the process:

Top 10 #2 Why are the dates wrong on my Moodle page and how do I fix them?

The automatically generated weekly section labels are calculated from the course site’s “Course start date” setting. 

The easiest way to fix that is to use the Dates Report.  Go to the:

  1. Administration block > Reports > Dates. 
  2. Click on the heading Course to view the “Course start date” setting.
  3. Change the “Course start date” to the Sunday before the first day of classes.
  4. Click "Save Changes"
Top 10 #3 Why can’t my students see my course page?

The course site visibility is set to Hide. Use the link in the Administration block called "Show course to students" to do just that!

Show/Hide course in Moodle

 Top 10 #4

How do I highlight the current week or section on a course page?

If you are using the Weekly format, the current week will automatically be highlighted by the default Moodle theme (called Essential).

If you are using a Topical format, you can choose which section to hightlight:

  1. Click on Edit Week
  2. Click Highlight

 Highlight section in Moodle 3.1

Top 10 #5 How can students share their work with their classmates?

Check out this Moodle Documentation on Creating and using forums!  Forums can be used for out-of-class discussions, having students share their work, peer review exercises or individual journal activities.

Button for adding a new topic to a forum

  Top 10 #6
How do I setup the gradebook?
Top 10 #7
How do I add someone to my Moodle page so that they can see it?   

This page describes how to add Students, Graders, TAs and others to your Moodle page.  And now you can add off-campus collaborators without calling Academic Technology!

This video demonstrates how to add people to your Moodle page.

Top 10 #8
Can I email a few students, but not the whole class?

Add the block called Quickmail to your course page and then you can use it to email specific students or groups from your page.

Watch a portion of the March 2015 Moodle Essentials presentation on Communicating with Students through Moodle.

Top 10 #9
Is there a way to grade papers without having to download each one individually?

We have a page describing how to download all submissions and use the Offline Grading Worksheet.

You can also watch this Using Offline Grading screencast to learn about the Offline Grading feature of Assignment.

M3.1 Assignment Grading Download Submissions

Top 10 #10 
How do I see my Moodle events in Google Calendar? 

You can easily subscribe to your Moodle calendar in Google to keep track of all of your appointments!  Check out our Calendar help page for more information!