Focus Group Results

In April 2016, Carly coducted 7 focus groups sessions with faculty and staff to discuss opinions of Moodle and the importance of curricular technologies, in general.  Twenty-three people attended the discussions.

The conversations were opened with a few very open-ended prompts, although discussions were allowed to cover the topics that most interested the participants in the room. The conversations were recorded and transcribed, and then salient points were catagloged and grouped into categories of need.

I catalogued 272 discrete comments as either Course Needs or Support Needs.  The comments were further split into sub-categories as listed below:

Course Needs (137 comments)

  • Adaptive Lessons or Quizzing - activities involving adaptive lessons or quizzing
  • Archival - using Moodle to archive information about the course
  • Communication - using Moodle to communicate course information with students
  • Desired setting or feature - request for a specific feature or function that is not currently available
  • Discussion - using Moodle to host online discussions in addition to in-class activities
  • Information distribution - using Moodle to distribute course information to students
  • Online interactions - using Moodle for other online interactions, such as getting student feedback or conducting peer review
  • Organizational - using Moodle to organize the course information for students
  • Scheduling - using Moodle to schedule appointments, tutor sessions, presentations, etc
  • Specialized Tools - using or linking to Moodle for discipline-specific activities or features 
  • Tracking & Grading - using the assignment grading, gradebook, or other ways to track student activity


Support Needs (135 comments)

  • Dissatisfaction with current status - expression of dissatisfaction with current features, or the way features work
  • Lack of information - comment on how information is not available or accessible to those who need it
  • Lack of interest - comment demonstrating a lack of interest in using the features of Moodle
  • Lack of time - comment on how there is not enough time available to use Moodle well
  • Recommendations for support techniques - recommendations for how ITS could better support faculty use of Moodle
  • Support preferences - expression of which support materials are preferred