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Curator Bio

Ken Tape, raised in Fairbanks Alaska, has been studying and photographing the Arctic for over a decade. Tape received a B.A. in geology from Carleton College in 1999, and subsequently earned an M.A. (in geology) and a Ph.D from the University of Alaska (biology). He has participated in or led a dozen boating, skiing, mushing, and snow-machining expeditions across the North American Arctic from Alaska to Greenland.

Tape’s book, The Changing Arctic Landscape (2010, University of Alaska Press) is a stunning reminder of the inexorable change in the Arctic landscape. The exhibition, Then and Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape, documents the impact of climate change on the landscape, and celebrates pioneering scientists who focused on Alaskan glaciers.

Ken Tape will be teaching Climate Variability and High Latitude Ecosystems at Carleton during fall term 2014. He owns Arctic Circle Photography, an outlet for his nature photography.