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Carleton College Art Collection

At over 3200 objects, the Carleton College Art Collection comprises over 900 fine art prints, 900 contemporary photographs, and hundreds of paintings, sculptures and other artifacts of intrinsic beauty and technical interest. The collection was formed over many decades by generous donations and occasional purchases. Carleton's Art Collection serves the College's mission of teaching and learning through public exhibitions (in the museum, on its website, and in Gould Library), through curatorial seminars, and in individual consultations.

  • A placard image for media work Julia Olson - The Sublime

    Collection Stories

    Student-produced video tours through the Carleton Art Collection
  • Katsuyuki Nishijima: Chrysanthemums

    Collection Highlights

    Selected items from the Carleton College art collection.
  • Baido Hosai, <em>The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro...</em>

    Explore the Collection

    A topical view of the collection, including Japanese prints, photography, European and American prints, functional objects, campus artworks, and more.
  • Mike Lynch: Untitled

    Listen to the Collection

    In 2015, the students of CAMS 265 (Sound Design) researched works in the collection to discover the keynote sounds of the environments depicted. They created audio “soundscapes” that accompanied the works in an exhibition.
  • Thomas Hart Benton

    Search the Collection

    Search by artist, title, object type, medium, date, country, and more!