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Formed over decades through generous donations, commissions, and purchases, the Carleton Art Collection comprises over 3200 works. The collection showcases a wide range of media, with particular strengths in 20th century photography and in printmaking—both Japanese woodblock prints and 19th- and 20th-century European and American works.

In 2011, the Perlman Teaching Museum opened in the recently built Weitz Center for Creativity. The Museum provides access to Carleton's art collection and links art objects to concepts taught in the curriculum.

The cultural, historical, and aesthetically diverse character of our collection makes it a fundamental resource for learning, and supports Carleton’s commitment to creative and analytical thinking. Exhibitions at the Perlman Teaching Museum and the Gould Library, in addition to Collection visits and website consultations, offer students and community members the opportunity to directly engage with fine art objects.

Search the Carleton Art Collection

  • Ando Hiroshige, <em>Shinagawa Susaki</em>

    Japanese Prints

    Over 150 Japanese woodblock prints, acquired through generous donations and purchase, demonstrate the arc of themes and techniques in this art form.
  • Faith Ringgold

    European and American Prints

    Carleton has been actively collecting European and American prints since the 1960’s. The collection, extending from the sixteenth century to the present, invites active exploration of our artistic heritage and culture.
  • William Garnett


    Photography both captures the real world and distorts reality. The Carleton Art Collection, featuring over 900 photographs, reveals how photographers navigate between the real and imaginary.
  • Manos Nathan

    Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Metal

    Ranging from wood to metal to ceramics and glass, these artifacts unite the beautiful and the practical. From ancient glass to contemporary ceramics, objects connect today’s viewers to daily life through the ages and around the globe.
  • Earthenware, China

    Asia and the South Pacific

    Ranging from Chinese Tang dynasty tomb figurines to prints by contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists, Carleton’s Asian and South Pacific art collection encompasses a significant arc of history and culture. The collection also includes Japanese prints, Chinese and Korean ceramics, and Buddhist devotional objects.
  • Jacques Lipchitz

    Modern and Contemporary Art

    The Carleton Art Collection brings together works of renowned modern artists including Pablo Picasso, Jacques Lipchitz and Jackson Pollock, and contemporary figures Miriam Schapiro, Kiki Smith, Donald Judd and others.
  • Dimitri Hadzi

    Art on Campus

    Sculptures and installations across campus add a public dimension to Carleton’s art collection. Larger works are often set outdoors, while sculptures and tapestries of various sizes are situated inside campus buildings.
  • Anonymous, Italy

    European Art

    European art transports viewers back in time to glimpse the creative progression of cultures, and the impact of talented individuals on the history of art.