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Richard Avedon: Jorge Luis Borges

February 5, 2014

Richard Avedon (1923–2004) is an American photographer noted for his fashion photography as well as his portraiture. His portraits of famous people are celebrated for their simplicity and their ability to humanize the subject.

Here, Avedon has captured Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986), a famous Argentinian writer. Explaining his motivation in treating Borges, Avedon said, “I photograph what I’m most afraid of, and Borges was blind.” In Avedon's classic style, Borges poses in front of a white background. Borges seems to lack emotion; his stoic pose reflects the man who is sagacious, yet somber.

Jorge Luis Borges is a gift from Raphael Bernstein, parent of a John Bernstein ’86. The Photographers & Authors Collection celebrates achievements in the literary and visual arts.

Alexandra Caulfield '16