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Online Student-Curated Exhibitions

  • Hawarden: Two Women on a Balcony

    I’m Not a Girl

    A few of the innumerous facets of womanhood, spanning perceptions of beauty and femininity through differing ethnicities, life stages, and eras. Curated by Lillie Snortland ’18.
  • Picasso: La Danse des Faunes

    Party Time

    Celebrations should be fun, but these images show that having a good time is not central to every social gathering. Curated by Claire Coonrod ’15.
  • Dürer: The Promenade

    Realities of Love

    From courtship to heartbreak, six works from the Carleton Art Collection trace the realities of the imperfect loves too often left out of mainstream depictions. Curated by Kaia Wahmanholm ’15.
  • Kiyochika: Bijin from the Enpo Period


    A universal image of beauty, flowers express many meanings in art across time, cultures, and media. Curated by Sophie Kissin ’14.
  • Elliott Erwitt: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Out West

    Images from Carleton’s Art Collection, portraying romanticized scenes of the American cowboy, curated by Spencer Wigmore '11.
  • <em>Untitled</em>, 1983

    Ralph Gibson: Four Nudes

    Photographs by Ralph Gibson from a 2009 Gould Library exhibition.
  • <em>Untitled</em>, 2002

    Ralph Gibson: Guitars

    Photographs by Ralph Gibson, from a 2009 Gould Library exhibition curated by Spencer Wigmore ’11.
  • <em>False Men and their Makers, Studio 54</em>

    1970s Noir

    Photographs by Helmut Newton and Larry Fink, from a 2007 Gould Library exhibition curated by Hallie Scott ’07.