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N55: The Residency

Critical Studies in Public Space with N55: January 9–February 5, 2015

N55 will be in residence in the Perlman Teaching Museum during Winter Term 2015, under the auspices of the Lucas Lectureship in the Arts. During the five-week residency, Ion Sørvin, Till Wolfer, and Anne Romme will work with students to imagine a hypothetical new building complex for the Cowling Arboretum.

As a site that appeals to ecological scholars, student revelers, neighborhood hikers, weekend bicyclists, and cross-country skiers, the Arb sometimes becomes contested territory, claimed by constituencies with conflicting interests. Can a building satisfy the varied needs of the Arb’s disparate communities? Could a building complex catalyze and sustain a productive tension between users?


  • A placard image for media work 2015_04_30_N55 Time Lapse_Bradley

    N55 Time Lapse

    January 29, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    In Winter 2015 the Perlman's Braucher Gallery was transformed into a laboratory for design and learning as students engaged with Danish design collective N55 to design a hypothetical new Arboretum Center. This time lapse video shows a bit of the activity.

  • N55 Architecture Collective in Residence

    Art & Design Collective N55 Examines Ownership of the Arb

    January 23, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Upon returning to campus for winter term, many visitors to the Weitz Center for Creativity’s Perlman Teaching Museum showed signs of confusion when they first walked into the Braucher Gallery. Instead of the standard exhibit of photographs or drawings, they encountered a group of students and two artists in matching black outfits, ardently working at a huge table occupying nearly half of the space. 

    It is, in fact, not an exhibit but a studio art class called “Critical Studies in Public Space with N55 in action.” For the first five weeks of the term, eighteen Carleton students will be working with Danish art and design collective N55 to come up with a proposal for a hypothetical building in the Cowling Arboretum, commonly referred to as “the Arb”.