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Tagging the Tunnels, 2016

October 18, 2016 at 9:15 am
By Lillian Snortland

Carleton students make their mark in the Perlman Teaching Museum, drawing and painting in a dim passageway toward the rear of the gallery. Current students, including studio art majors Anne Foxen and Emily Kampa, try their hand at graffiti inspired by the vintage Carleton tunnels. Though the tunnels — shielding countless students from the cold — were closed in 1988, the dirty concrete walls are still covered in drawings, quotations by Kurt Vonnegut and others, musical scores and more. When asked about the tunnels by the Carletonian, Carleton professor and alumnus David Lefkowitz laments that they are no longer available for artistic purposes. He mentions that, “friends and I did a lot of paintings in the tunnels. We did a lot of extracurricular artwork… there is a Twister board that is sort-of famous, that my roommates and I painted just on a lark”.

The Perlman Teaching Museum’s “tunnel” is one element of Independence of Thought: An Unfolding Story 1866-2016, an exhibition that pays homage to 150 years of college history through November 16.