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May 5, 2017 at 12:44 pm

POST-PICTURESQUE: PHOTOGRAPHING IRELAND presents nine accomplished artists, resident in the Republic and Northern Ireland, who respond to the famously picturesque Irish rural landscape with new aesthetic and critical approaches. This ambitious exhibition, curated by Perlman Teaching Museum Director Laurel Bradley, introduces the following lens-based practitioners to American audiences — many for the first time: Gary Coyle, Martin Cregg, David Farrell, Paul Gaffney, Anthony Haughey, Miriam O’Connor, Jill Quigley, Anna Rackard and Ruby Wallis.

This is the final Perlman Teaching Museum exhibition curated by Laurel Bradley, who will retire this summer. Bradley has been Director of Exhibitions and Curator of the College Art Collection at Carleton since fall of 1996, first in the old Art Gallery under the Music and Drama Center and then overseeing the transformation into the Perlman Teaching Museum in the Weitz Center for Creativity. Since coming to Carleton, Bradley has orchestrated numerous international exhibitions, including Claiming Title: Australian Aboriginal Artists and the Land; Transformations: Chinese Artists Address Change in China; Kettles: American Artists and Japanese Artistry; and World Ceramics: Transforming Womens’ Traditions. Exhibitions like Modernizing Melodrama, co-curated with Cinema and Media Studies professor Carol Donelan, and Seeing is Knowing: The Universe, co-curated with Astronomy professor Joel Weisberg, embody a new emphasis on connecting the exhibition program with the curriculum.