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About the Exhibition

Jessica Rath (take me to the apple breeder) finds diverse bodies not unlike our own within apple tree architecture and little known blushing fruit. Bodies and skins are explored as standing figures, as sublime surfaces, and as tastes remembered. The work becomes a time capsule of certain moments encapsulating centuries of grafting. The apple/tree is both real and mythical, scientific specimen and folk-tale.

For artist/forager Laura Cooper (Opuntia), decay reveals the lace-like plant architecture. Vegetal skeletons become landscapes, replete with shapes like rivers or the human circulatory system. One form meanders slowly until it becomes something else; it splits, and replicates. The work is both transparent and solid. It becomes a ghost, a space, the opposite of what it was. The “Prickly Pear” (Opuntia ficus-indica) is no longer.

Both Jessica Rath and Laura Cooper distill form though disassociation—the close-up, the wide angle, the portrait backdrop are all here, as well as artful articulations of laborious making. These works gesture toward the infinite possibilities emanating from one point, from a single species.

  • Jessica Rath

    Jessica Rath

    Jessica Rath creates ceramic sculptures of apple varieties and photographic portraits of cloned hybrid apple trees, inviting meditation on notions of beauty within cultivated, domestic, and wild landscapes.
  • Laura Cooper

    Laura Cooper

    Laura Cooper presents transformed versions of the lace-like skeletal remains of the Opuntia cactus. The work is both transparent and solid; a ghost, a space, the opposite of what it was.